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Sharon is the director of Sharbara Accounting Services. Sharon has been in the bookkeeping and accounting space for over 20 years. Prior to running Sharbara Accounting Services, Sharon ran a successful bookkeeping service and has worked for many areas from manufacturing firms to Real estate and Accounting Software.​

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Tax Depreciation Incentives

Depreciation has always been a little confusing for business owners. The amount to depreciate and life of the Asset varies depending on the item, the different methods of depreciation and complex formulas add to the complexity of depreciation and the varying thresholds make it a nightmare. Lucky for us in the lucky country, the ATO…

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Stapled Super Funds

Is your Super Fund Stapled? Before you may have to change or create a new Super Fund every time you change jobs, but not anymore. In the 2020 budget, it was included that the Super accounts will now be “stapled” to the members. This means that the Super Fund of an existing individual employee will…

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Single Touch Payroll Obligations

Single touch payroll is an Australian Government incentive, designed to reduce the burden of reporting to government agencies. Employers are relieved of producing payment summaries and employees can find the information in their My Gov account. Since July 2018, STP has progressively been rolled out to every employer in Australia. Small employers (less than 19…

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